New England Oireachtas – November 2010, Providence, RI

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The Murray Academy participated in the New England Oireachtas (Regional Championships). Results included 9 World Qualifiers (8 female, 1 male) and many dancers in the top 10.

We also had 4 winners of traditional set comps, with 12 total in the top 5; and 5 teams in the top 5 including, including top 3 wins in U9 and U12 4 hands and a first place finish in Choreography!

New England Oireachtas 2009

Solo Placers
Molly Makem – 3rd place, Ladies Under 20 (World Qualifier)
Clare MacRitchie – 6th place, Girls Under 10 (World Qualifier)
Kim Carney – 7th place, Senior Ladies 21 and Over (World Qualifier)
Sadie Bucknam – 5th place, Girls Under 8
Violet Sullivan – 7th place, Girls Under 8
Laura Kenealy – 7th place, Girls Under 9 (NA Qualifier)
Rachel McCully – 11th place, Girls Under 9 (NA Qualifier)
Ella Campfield – 32nd place, Girls Under 11
Isabel Eisenhaure – 36th place, Girls Under 13
Angela Marie Conklin – 21st place, Girls Under 15 (NA Qualifier)
Ceara Sweetser – 28th place, Girls Under 15
Hannah Lewis – 34th place, Girls Under 15
Colleen Chaney – 35th place, Girls Under 15
Maddie Muench – 13th place, Girls Under 17 (NA Qualifier)
Jeanmarie Chaney – 28th place, Girls Under 17

Traditional Set Placers
Under 8 – Emily Varga- 5th place, Erin O’Kane – 30th place, Rowan Perkins – 38th place, Kaitlyn Mazur – 39th place
Under 9 – Caitlin McGonigle – 4th place, Emily Coombs – 9th place, Conall Hirsch – 12th place, Brynn Rankin – 13th place, Emma Condon – 29th place, Meghan Vanderwoude – 31st place, Harlan Turner – 36th place
Under 10 – Gabby DeSisto – 3rd place, Maddy DeSisto – 9th place, Olivia Mitchell – 16th place, Zoe Spearman – 19th place, Caroline Hinson – 36th place
Under 11 – Kate Babcock – 1st place (3 perfect scores!), Erin Ripley – 14th place, Steph Varga – 17th place, Katie Blonski – 23rd place
Under 12 – Jenny Mancini – 4th place, Caroline Strathern – 20th place, Kaitlyn Lawson – 25th place, Clara Hannigan – 38th place, Aubrey Harris – 40th place
Under 13 – Ariel Sullivan – 17th place
Under 15 – Elizabeth MacLean – 7th place

Team Placers
8 Hands
U9 – 2nd place – Caitlin McGonigle, Violet Sullivan, Brynn Rankin, Meghan Vanderwoude, Katie Ellis, Emily Varga, Emily Coombs and Sadie Bucknam
U9 – 7th place – Kira and Kaitlyn Mazur, Shelagh Coombs, Emma Condon, Maggie and Maeve Joyce, Erin O’Kane, Rowan Perkins
U12 – 11th place – Ella Campfield, Erin Kennedy, Rachel McCully, Clare MacRitchie, Kate Babcock, Jenny Mancini, Kaitlyn Lawson, Emma Henricks
U15 – 11th place – MaryKate and Colleen Chaney, Hannah Lewis, Angela Marie Conklin, Ceara Sweetser, Molly Fallon, Isabel Eisenhaure, Aubrey Harris

4 Hands
U9 Girls – 7th place – Emily Coombs, Caitlin McGonigle, Emily Varga, Katie Ellis
U9 Mixed – 3rd place – Violet Sullivan, Harlan Turner, Conall Hirsch, Sadie Bucknam
U12 Girls B – 7th place – Rachel McCully, Clare MacRitchie, Ella Campfield, Erin Kennedy
U12 Girls A – 17th place – Diana Breton, Gabby and Maddy DeSisto, Olivia Mitchell
U15 – 6th place – Ceara Sweetser, Angela Marie Conklin, Mary Kate and Colleen Chaney