New England Oireachtas—November, 2017, Hartford, CT


Congratulations to the dancers who attended this year’s New England Regional Championships, Nov. 17-19. We are so proud of each and every one of them!

•  Brigid O’Connor—now a 5 time Regional Champion!!! Brigid was first in the Under 12 Girls competition.
•  Riley Postage—Riley was first in the Under 11A Traditional Set competition, dancing Job of Journeywork.
•  4-Hand Team U15A—Amanda Chouinard, Olivia Lenk, Audrey Malila and Maggie Krein—first out of 30 teams!
•  Solo recall rate of 75% with an increase from 21 to 22 dancers in the top 10.
•  Trad set recall rate 79%. Of those, we had 6 in the top 5 and 14 in the top 10.
•  Recall rates for ceilis were 71% in 8-hands and 65% in 4-hands. In the four 8-hand comps we entered, we had three top 5 ceilis, and in 4-hand comps, we had 4 top 5 teams!

Click Here For A List Of Our Results/Names.