New England Oireachtas—November, 2017, Hartford, CT


Congratulations to the dancers who attended this year’s New England Regional Championships, Nov. 17-19. We are so proud of each and every one of them!

•  Brigid O’Connor—now a 5 time Regional Champion!!! Brigid was first in the Under 12 Girls competition.
•  Riley Postage—Riley was first in the Under 11A Traditional Set competition, dancing Job of Journeywork.
•  4-Hand Team U15A—Amanda Chouinard, Olivia Lenk, Audrey Malila and Maggie Krein—first out of 30 teams!
•  Solo recall rate of 75% with an increase from 21 to 22 dancers in the top 10.
•  Trad set recall rate 79%. Of those, we had 6 in the top 5 and 14 in the top 10.
•  Recall rates for ceilis were 71% in 8-hands and 65% in 4-hands. In the four 8-hand comps we entered, we had three top 5 ceilis, and in 4-hand comps, we had 4 top 5 teams!

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North American Championships—July 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana


Congratulations to all who represented our school so beautifully in New Orleans! Of our 44 soloists, 73% recalled (top half), and of the 40 who were old enough to qualify for the 2018 World Championships in Glasgow, we had 30% successful in qualifying. In addition, a special congratulations goes to our dancers in the top 5: Brigid O’Connor, runner up, Girls U12A; Sadie Bucknam, 5th place Girls U16A; and Bailey Bartel, 5th place, Girls U15B. There were also another 4 dancers in the top 10, and 12 total in the top 20! We are so proud of how well they performed under pressure! And special recognition goes to all those who received medals at this year’s event.

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World Championships—April 2017, Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations to all our qualifiers for their very hard work and great performances at this year’s World Championships, with a special congrats to Brigid O’Connor for her top 10 placement and World Medal! This year we had 19 of our 21 qualifiers attend (S. O’Neill retired, C. MacRitchie injured). Our dancers brought home 6 individual solo medals (32% of our dancers in the top 50), and another 5 placed in the top half (for a total of 58%) in very large competitions of 150-200. We are very proud of our results and our dancers, and look forward to 2018 in Glasgow!

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